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Genetic screening is a way to evaluate both you and your partner’s DNA to determine if there are any abnormalities that you may pass on to a child, or to see if you’re at risk of certain health conditions. If you want to get pregnant, are already pregnant, or want to know more about personal health genetic screening, schedule an exam with board-certified OB/GYN Bita Motesharrei, MD, FACOG, at Women's Global Health of Northern Virginia. Dr. Motesharrei provides comprehensive genetic screening for women and couples in McLean, Virginia. Click on the online scheduler to book your appointment or call to schedule.


We also provide Cancer Genetics Screening for patients with significant Family History through partnership with several state of the art genetics company.

Genetic Screening Q & A

What is genetic screening?

Medical researchers estimate that each individual person is a carrier of about three to five genetic mutations. Genetic screening is a medical test that can pinpoint changes in chromosomes, genes, or certain proteins. 

This type of testing, which is often part of preconception counseling, can either confirm or rule out genetic abnormalities that you might potentially pass down to a child. By being informed about genetic mutations before you get pregnant, or early on in your pregnancy, you can prepare or get any essential treatments you may need.

Genetic testing is also used to determine if you’re a carrier of certain disease traits that can affect your own health, such as breast cancer. This way, you can start taking measures to reduce your risk of developing the specified disease. 

Why do I need genetic screening?

At Women's Global Health of Northern Virginia, you can choose from a variety of genetic carrier tests, including preconception, cancer, and prenatal carrier testing. Dr. Motesharrei may recommend these genetic screenings if you:

  • Have serious conditions, like cancer, in your family
  • Were adopted and don’t know your family medical history
  • Want to learn about genetic mutations before getting pregnant
  • Are already pregnant and are concerned about inherited conditions 
  • Have a chronic health condition and need to know which medication is most beneficial

Dr. Motesharrei sits and talks with you about your concerns to help you determine if genetic screening is right for you. 

How is genetic screening performed?

Modern genetic screening solutions at Women's Global Health of Northern Virginia are performed right in the office. Depending on your specific genetic screening needs, Dr. Motesharrei may simply need to take a cheek swab or blood draw. 

With certain prenatal genetic testing, such as an amniocentesis, Dr. Motesharrei may need to take a sample of your amniotic fluid through a small, hollow needle. 

Once Dr. Motesharrei has your specimen, she sends it off to the lab for analysis. It can take several weeks to receive your results back in the office. You may be scheduled for a follow-up visit at Women's Global Health of Northern Virginia to discuss your genetic screening results and get started on any essential treatments. 

Learn more about advanced genetic screening services offered at Women's Global Health of Northern Virginia by booking a consultation. Schedule either online or over the phone.